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Virgo Career And Astrological Profiling

Virgo Career Astrology 2014 (August 23rd-September 22nd)

Professional Job Profiling By Astrology For Virgo

Zodiac Virgo Sign2014’s Career horoscope shows that these people can be found in many different careers. The medical profession attracts quite a few of them since it demands highly refined skills, a quiet demeanour and the ability to be of service to others. Many top surgeons are found under the sign of Virgo. Saying that, many of these individuals are quite at home in the military and in teaching where an eye for detail is needed, there is a defined structure and they provide a service to others.  Writing literature and composing music (both of which require a degree of perfectionism) are also occupations that these people thrive in.

Virgo Relationships at work

In horoscope terms, this zodiac sign is ruled by Mercury whereby the head rules the heart, but folk of this sign are not cold and unfeeling, despite their outward reserve. The truth is they are born worriers but they also become the listening posts for everyone else’s troubles in the workplace. They are extremely sensitive and tend to be quite shy in the company of others.  They like nothing better than to be of service to others and make exceptionally loyal friends. They have the knack of seeing through complicated projects with the minimum of disastrous mistakes and because of this their ability to notice small details means they miss very little. Some people find these folks overly critical and condescending towards other lesser mortals. However these men and women are often very self-critical and the harshest words are saved for themselves in the privacy of their own surroundings.

Virgo Ambitions

These individuals are driven by a desire to help others in a shy industrious sort of way. They have a very strong work ethic and get promoted mainly because of their industry behind the scenes and out of the public eye. Since many Virgos find themselves economically disadvantaged when they are young, they strive to earn a comfortable (not necessarily lavish) income as they grow older. Most Virgo folk acknowledge they are actually better off doing the work themselves rather than delegating it to others, but they dislike big business, excelling more in areas where painstaking attention to detail is the keynote.

Virgo Motivations

Men and women of this horoscope sign are driven mainly by a desire to serve others and by an obsessive inclination to pay attention to the smallest details. They are neat, punctual, highly organised individuals who are driven by a tireless devotion to duty and career. Many are governed by the pull of a vocation and they work exceptionally hard in whatever field they choose to be in. They tend not to be over-imaginative but have a nose for sussing out dodgy dealings.

Virgo Positive Areas

Such people can be very diplomatic, hard-working, efficient, punctual to a fault, economical and naturally humble. They do not naturally seek the limelight, but they are extremely reliable and the work done behind the scenes will be of an extremely high standard. They are calm in a crisis, completely grounded, very observant and completely meticulous in all things. They are totally reliable, trustworthy and honest to a fault.

Virgo Negative Areas

These individuals can be over-critical, condescending towards others, aloof, stand-offish, hypochondriacs, worriers and obsessed by the smallest things. They are always fastidious in their personal grooming, clever and cutting, sharp witted, perfectionists, and, lots would say, over fussy. Some even consider them to be selfish individuals who are difficult to deal with.

Virgo Finances

Despite their natural reserve, the strangest quirk of this sign’s  nature is that many of them are gamblers and this shows strongly in my horoscope for this sign. Indeed some take up the profession and make a career of it. The ability to think completely logically without being swayed by heavy emotions is part of the reasons why there are so many successful gamblers under this sign. Money is important to them because deep down they seek security in their old age. Their biggest worry is that they won’t have enough money to sustain this security.

Virgo Predictions

My career horoscope shows that 2014 heralds a time of introspection and preparation for the period of time spanning from August 2015 until August 2016 which will be your golden time…a time of good fortune and high rewards. Communication and intellectual interests will be a major focus for you in the workplace in 2014. You might be interested in further study connected with work.

These people might also be attracted by an opportunity to use their creative skills in charity work.  Be aware of the power of the written word in your employment, whether this is through tweeting, publishing, lecturing or making announcements.

In your career, be fastidious in what you say or broadcast because this could come back to you in a detrimental and possibly hurtful and/or harmful way. You may be torn between wanting to get involved in charity work and work in the community. Horoscope year 2014 is likely to be the period when you strike a happy balance between paid and voluntary employment.

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