2015 Career Horoscopes

Taurus Insight Analysis Of Career Astrology

Taurus Career Astrology 2014 (21st April – 20th May)

Profession Horoscope Analysis for Work Direction

Taurus Zodiac SignIn Career terms, these folk are best suited to jobs that involve something tangible. Many men and women are very practical and make wonderful farmers, teachers, chefs, animal trainers, bank managers, carpenters and construction workers. They also love nature and you will always find many of them in jobs to do with the environment, or in land-based jobs such as real estate agents, surveyors and foresters Because Taurus has a strong connection to the neck, larynx and ears, it rules the voice and some of the world’s greatest singers are born under the sign of the bull. They are noted for the particularly smooth quality of  voice.

Taurus Relationships at work

These men and women are very honest, hard-working and reliable career types and this is clear from the horoscope for any given year. They can be “salt of the earth” and their self-reliance in the workplace means many of them are entrusted with great responsibilities.  They tend to shun the spotlight for themselves and allow others to take centre stage. They can be very patient and very nurturing. They are preoccupied with honesty and have a low tolerance of corruption. They are not tempestuous and generally enjoy working in harmonious relationships with others. Taurus’s planetary ruler is Venus, the goddess of peace, love and harmony.

Taurus Ambitions

These individuals are unlikely to be driven by personal ambition in their chosen career, though they crave security and stability. It is true that large salaries attract them but they would prefer to be out of the limelight, working behind the scenes. They are excellent organisers, very thorough and meticulous in their planning.

Taurus Motivations

Such personalities are motivated by a need for security, a steady reliable income and material comforts. They find large crowds intimidating and are at their most effective in smaller groups.

Taurus Positive Areas

Taureans are natural builders, restorers and caretakers of the planet, animals and people. They are very patient and self-reliant. They take enormous pride in fixing and maintaining homes and are excellent at nurturing things back to health, whether animals, plants or humans. They are kind, generous, stable, loving and loyal. They hate dishonesty in any form and have a low tolerance of corruption.

Taurus Negative Areas

These men and women can be very stubborn and possessive- bullish in other words and this is a trait that runs through any type of  Taurus horoscope reading. They can refuse, point blank, to see someone else’s arguments and it can be difficult to resolve a conflict with them. In the end obstinacy can hurt them. They are prone to dark moods where they brood, but thankfully these are few and far between.

Taurus Finances

People of this sign are not risk-takers or gamblers in their jobs. When it comes to career drivers then in general they will choose money and earning power over public esteem and prestige according to their horoscope. In particular they have a conservative approach to money which means they make safe long-term investments which provide them with a steady reliable income.

Taurus Predictions

My latest career horoscope for this sign suggests that Taurus people will be very busy in their jobs during 2014. In the first half of the year, you will find it very easy to seek out and find lucrative deals, especially if you work for yourself. There will be no shortage of assignments. When one job finishes, another will succeed it almost immediately.

Taurus people who work in organisations may find one boss particularly mean and difficult to deal with in the spring time. In true Taurean fashion, you will keep a steady pace in work and remain impervious to tests that are designed to trip you up.

There could be a large project coming your way which you would be advised to embrace and not to fear. In the long run, completion of this project could be extremely beneficial and rewarding.

From March to May, projects may prove a tad frustrating and the pace of work will be slow. After mid-May the pace will pick up.

There could easily be a change of career by the time autumn comes around the 2014 horoscope shows.  A lot of dead wood will be cleared by then, giving you a chance to reap the rewards of your hard work and efforts. Horoscope analysis suggests that in the autumn of 2014 you will have a burst of renewed enthusiasm and passion, leaving the dregs of the past behind.

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