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Libra Career Horoscope Analysis For Professionals

Libra Career Horoscope 2014  (24th September- 23rd October)

Employment Zodiac Readings for Libra

Libra Zodiac SignCareer Horoscope analysis shows that  men and women of the Scales tend to be attractive, sociable, outgoing people who are likely to fall into one of two camps when choosing a career. Either they go for something that appeals to their sense of physical attractiveness or they choose something that stresses balance. Remember this sign is the Scales which represent balance and harmony at all times. They can successfully become actors, models, designers, decorators, make-up artists or painters. Alternatively they  thrive in courtrooms and many are much respected attorneys, judges, legislators and also diplomats. Some do well as counsellors or sales reps.  You can also find them thriving in publishing houses and in politics. Librans are well known for a strict sense of right and wrong. They are also talented, artistically inclined and very intuitive, according to this signs horoscope.

Libra Relationships at work

Men and women of this sign are lovely sociable friendly individuals to have around. They are generally liked and have the ability to find attractive qualities in everyone. Librans have enquiring minds and generally make good conscientious workers, though if  an individuals finer sense is offended, this can easily throw them off course. When the Libran scales get tipsy, anything can happen. They have a strong sense of justice and many become involved in union matters at work. If there are no unions, the Libran can be the peacemaker, the one who quells office rages, though he may also be the one to engage in heated debates since he sees this as  healthy.

Libra Ambitions

Career wise, Librans are daydreamers and will follow their souls wherever they are guided. They love to express themselves creatively, whether through art, design, architecture or music. Careers that encompass these attributes are most suited to this sign.

Libra Motivations

These folk are motivated by a strong sense of justice, a need for companionship and a thirst for knowledge as well as a need for the  stimulus and social interaction provided by  others. Librans become very despondent in their own company and they desperately need relationships , whether in a career, friendship or love relationship.

Libra Positive Areas

Librans can be angels of tact and diplomacy in the career workplace horoscope interpretation indicates. They also have above average intelligence. They are smart and very artistic. They bring touches of grace, beauty and glamour to everything they do. Libran folk have warm, engaging personalities. They are naturally   friendly and very easy to talk to.  They have the knack of making others feel special with their excellent listening skills and prowess in the art of conversation. They hate conflict of any kind and they crave harmony and balance at all times. This is true in career or personal relationships.

Libra Negative Areas

Librans often do anything to avoid an argument. They also crave companionship and hate to be isolated. Some might consider this a sign of weakness .They tend to overlook minor details and refuse to partake in anything that they find trivial or menial This can cause others to consider them selfish or vain. Libran people can take ages to make up their minds since they clearly see both sides of an argument. They would rather sit on the fence than cause disharmony or offence between people. Occasionally, because of this inability to make decisions or make up their minds they lose out on opportunities. They also dislike rigidly disciplined routines since this stops the flow of creative expression.

Libra Finances

Where money is concerned they can be very frivolous since their only interest in having money is to use it socially. Saying this, there have been many famous Librans who have managed great wealth successfully through learning to be more disciplined with its use. This is a horoscope trait that never changes.

Libra Predictions

In 2014, according to my career horoscope,  you may strongly feel the need to give vent to your emotions through free expression. The likelihood is that you will have opportunities not only to improve yourself (through further study or courses), but also to improve your longer term career prospects.

Opportunities could present themselves, but Libran people are also advised to stay optimistic about goals. If you put the effort in if you are very likely to achieve the optimum results.

The astrological indications suggest that Libran careers may blossom in 2014. You could reap the rewards of your hard work and you have a goo chance of reaching your professional goals without too much opposition. You will be your most charming in the spring months when people will notice you and embrace the tact and diplomacy you bring to a busy workplace. You may even get chosen to represent the company or firm you work for because of your natural charm and sociability. You people skills should work very well for you in 2014.

2014’s career horoscope shows you could find yourself being pushed to the limit in the middle part of the year but then things should fall into place as the year progresses. There will be some sort of expansion in the later summer and early autumn months.

Although Libran people may be faced with some difficult choices, eventually events will run in their favour and they will feel the long term benefits in jobs and an increase in their material welfare.

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