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Leo Employment Type Analysis And Profiling

Leo Career Horoscope 2014 (July 23rd-August 22nd)

Zodiac Career Analysis for Leo

Leo Zodiac SignCareer Horoscope indications show that these individuals are notoriously successful in their chosen career since this is one sign that is born to lead. Leos are good at making decisions on a grand scale but prefer to leave smaller details to other more industrious types. Part of the reason they aspire to the highest levels is that they dislike taking orders from others. They prefer to be the decision makers. Their talents are numerous and it is fair to say that many these people are exceptionally gifted. They make excellent entertainers since they like nothing better than being the centre of attention and dazzling others with their captivating charms and clever wit. Any type of performer, be it actor, musician, lecturer, teacher appeals to them since they can show off in front of an audience. They have excellent organizational skills which enable them to rise naturally to the top and stand out from the crowd in whatever profession they choose. They shine the brightest in the fields of politics and public relations.

Leo Relationships at work

Leos are usually very sociable, cheerful, charming and generous folk who like to share what they have with others. They are basically fun-loving souls who will never attempt to abuse any position of power or authority that they attain. This makes them popular with most people. They are bright, lively and always optimistic which means that things liven up when they are around. They expect to attract attention wherever they go. They expect their voice to be heard and like nothing better than to be the centre of attention and show off their superior knowledge. This is especially true in their chosen career.

Leo Ambitions

Since Leo folk are born with such a lot of talent, they aspire to lead in some way in order to show these talents off.  Their sign is the lion, king of beasts, and they like nothing better than to be the life and soul of the party. It’s hardly surprising that Leo people often turn out to be excellent publicans and many of them aspire to run their own businesses, in which they are very successful.

Leo Motivations

Individuals born under this sign are motivated by a desire to lead, to be in a position of authority, to be the one calling the shots, to reign supreme, like a natural monarch should. They also love titles- the bigger and fancier the better. They can’t bear to be underestimated. They dislike taking orders from others and having to do menial tasks, rather than be the decision- makers simply depresses them.

Leo Positive Areas

Lion men and women are usually immensely popular with just about everyone. They are enthusiastic, outspoken without being too controversial and are naturally able to see the bigger picture. They have a strong sense of responsibility. They never lean on others; rather they prefer to be leaned on. They are convivial hosts and hostesses and they can run things easily and seemingly effortlessly.

Leo Negative Areas

On the negative side, Leo folk can be arrogant, proud, self-centred, vain, a tad selfish and not bothered with small details. They tend towards extravagance and laziness if they become bored or disheartened…not such good job traits my horoscope has indicated here.

Leo Finances

Folk born under this zodiac sign are generous to a fault. They have big hearts and deep pockets. Although they can be fast with figures, Leo people seldom learn the knack of economising or counting the pennies. They love luxurious items and the best that money can buy, whether it be cars, houses, clothes, holidays, hotels. This means that they do not make the most reliable savers or managers of money even though they are likely to become big wage earners.

Leo Predictions

My horoscope shows that at the very beginning of year, you may feel a tad constrained because you will be unable to reach any real decisions. However, you will discover new depths in your work and will employ different, more effective ways of tackling old problems. You may find yourself pressurised into finding practical solutions to difficult problems.

2014 is a year when you could make a major advancement in your careers. Many such people could be tempted to go back to college since you will eager to tackle new subjects and learn new skills. You will find great find joy in debate. Writing and speaking could become a bigger part of your future

There are horoscope indications that you will be likely to do more travel in connection with your job. If you are self-employed, you could launch a very successful advertising campaign in the first half of the year. Also you could negotiate a lot of lucrative deals through March, April and   May.

The good news is that you will sail through all challenges that 2014 brings before you according to my horoscope. You will confidently hit all targets and goals, yet, despite these successes, 2014 could be the year when you will make a radical change to your career path, even when you know you are on a winning streak.

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